About Us

Our Story

The Big Pawfection journey started back in 2016, when we welcomed Bella, our Labrador cross Golden Retriever into our family. Three years later, she became the inspiration behind the brand.



A dogs love is truly unconditional and they have a unique, irreplaceable personality to match. We love all dog breeds, but we have always been drawn to the bigger breeds. Mainly because of their clumsy personalities and their complete disregard for how heavy they are!!



All dogs come with challenges, but one we are sure all big dog breed owners can relate to, is the lack of choices when it comes to attire. The same boring designs, in the same dull colours and because our dogs are big, they charge more!



We got tired of searching for funky colourful attire, only to find some and be disappointed to see that they didn't stock large sizes or that they charged ridiculous prices. So in 2020 we founded Big Pawfection, a brand for dogs of all sizes where you can get funky colourful attire, without breaking the bank.


Our Team

Big Pawfection is a small family run business, based in the UK. Our team includes; myself Debbie (founder of Big Pawfection), my partner Joe (Head of Business Development) and the face behind the brand, our Labradiva Bella (Head of Product Testing).



I have always been quite creative and having my own business, has always been a dream of mine. It allows me to have full creative control in designing the products right here in the UK.



My partner Joe's background is in business and sales, so he helps with the advertising and marketing of the company.



Bella is the inspiration behind the brand, she tries and tests every single product before it is manufactured, for your dog to enjoy. It is important to us that we love the products we sell and they are the right fit, especially those on the larger side like our Bella!

Our Vision


Is to design FUNKY attire that lets your doggie stand-out. whilst ensuring it is of a strong durable quality, so you can always stay in control.



Create COMFORTABLE attire that is easily adjustable to fit your doggie pawfectly, no matter their shape.



Ensure it is LIGHTWEIGHT, so your doggie feels as though it's got nothing on and is free to just be a dog! 

"A look that's sure to get tails wagging!!" - Big Pawfection