Rainbow | Compostable Poo Bags | By Adios Plastic

Rainbow | Compostable Poo Bags | By Adios Plastic

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The most environmentally friendly Dog Poo Bags have arrived at Big Pawfection! Adios Plastics Zero Waste, Home-Compostable Dog Poo Bags made from non-genetically modified cornstarch.
STRONG & DURABLE - Each pack contains 4-8 rolls of 15 extra large bags. Each bag is 20 microns thick & made from non-genetically modified cornstarch.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY 100% Home Compostable & Biodegradable that naturally breakdown in 3-6 months. For every pack purchased, Adios Plastic donated 1% of their profits to help clean up our oceans.

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Each roll contains 15 extra large bags.

Adios Plastic poo bags are made out of 100% home Compostable & biodegradable non-genetically modified cornstarch.

All bags are extra large, but vary slightly in size depending on style.

- Without handles are approximately 13x9 inches in size.

- With handles are approximately 12x7inches in size.

Adios Plastic poo bags take approximately 3-6 months to naturally breakdown.

You can fit up to two poo-bag rolls in our 2in1 Walkie Bag.

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