Training Tips | Should you let your dog sniff whilst walking ??

Let's be honest, it can be frustrating when you go on a walk and your Pup stops every few minutes to have a sniff! It's their time for exercise after all, shouldn't we be encouraging them to move??
Walks don't always have to be for a long time or even a long distance to tire your Pup out! Mental stimulation can be just as tiring and sometimes even more rewarding than physical stimulation.

Sniff Walks = Mental Stimulation

Have you stopped to think about the significance of allowing your Dog to exercise their sense of smell?? Dogs explore the world through their nose - it allows them to communicate, explore, and evaluate their surroundings. Even down to which Dogs were in the area before them and the kind of mood they were in!
The mental stimulation that a Dog gets on a slow walk with lots of sniffing is greater than that of a frenzied walk and it can also be very stress-relieving. When we limit our Pup's sniffing options it can affect their socialisation, behaviour, and training as well as their happiness and well-being. 

Sniff walks allow our Dogs to take the lead on their own adventures!

Dogs are very happy to let us take the lead, but it can be fun and enriching to allow your dog to take the lead and make decisions about where and when you walk.
Whenever your schedule allows, let your Dog have some extra freedom and control over where they walk - you never know where the adventure might take you!
While allowing your Dog to take the lead on your walk it’s important to always keep safety in mind. Don’t allow your dog to chase or harass wildlife. Regardless of how friendly your Dog is, don’t allow your Dog to approach people or other Dogs. Your Dog’s sniffing adventure shouldn’t interfere with anyone else’s safety, comfort, or enjoyment of the area.

But how much time is enough time? After all, most of us have schedules to keep and can’t be out all day!

Whilst there is no specific guideline, 30-60 minutes of sniffing walks a couple of times a week will help with mental stimulation. However if that's not possible a common rule of thumb is the 70/30 rule on every walk - encourage your pup to keep moving for 70% of the time and allow the remaining 30% to sniff and explore their environment.

So next time you are on a walk with your Dog, remember to slow down and let their nose explore. You may find it leads to you having a happier, more relaxed Pup!


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