Product Advice | When should a Dog start wearing a collar ??

The earlier you introduce your Pup to new experiences the better & collars are no exception!

Although your Pup can’t go out walking until they’ve had all their vaccinations, (around 12 weeks) you shouldn’t wait until then to get them used to a collar.
Introducing your Pup to a collar should start as soon as they’ve settled in at home (around 8-10 weeks)!

Start off slowly, by simply putting it on and taking it off (with rewards) and gradually leave it on for a little bit longer each time. It’s always best to gradually build up their confidence, so make sure they are comfortable in their collar before introducing the lead!

so now you know when your Pup should start wearing a collar, the next question is… what collar to get them ??

You want to make sure that their first collar is comfortable, so you don’t want anything too bulky or big. Your Pups collar should be between 1.5CM-2CM wide (depending on their breed).
The rule of thumb is, longer neck = wider collar. This will help relieve any pressure on your Dogs neck, if they were to pull. That being said if your Pup is full of beans (like many are!) we would recommend walking them on a harness to start & switching to a collar during the walk, as they start to calm down a little bit more. We all know new environments can be very exciting, so listening ears aren’t always on!
Whilst Big Pawfection started our as a large Dog only brand, over the past couple of years we have expanded our sizes to fit even more breeds, so no Pup misses out!
That’s is why we are now expanding again our Extra Small - Small collars will be launching on 24th March 2023, pawfect for Puppies & Small Pups!! Our Extra Small - Small Quick-Release Collars will be adjustable from 22-35CM

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