Product Advice | Martingale Collars - What Are They? & How To Get The Pawfect Fit

Martingale collars were originally designed for sight-hounds and have been traditionally used on greyhounds and whippets. Also known as ‘no-slip’ or ‘limited-slip’ collars. Martingale collars provide you with more control over your dog and are a great choice for any dog that likes to pull or for those who easily slips out of their collar. 
When your dog pulls the lead whilst wearing a martingale collar, the collar contracts around the whole neck. This not only reduces the overall strain on your dog’s neck but also prevents them from choking and/or slipping out of their collar and escaping!
These collars have become very popular recently and are great for training all different breeds of dog. We use a Martingale collar with our Goldador Bella as she often pulls, not only does it reduce the risk of her choking, but it has also assisted with her training. Unlike a normal collar Bella feels the pull on the lead around her whole neck, making it a great correction alert tool. 
Our martingale collars are the industry standard 1.5 inches wide and feature a Zinc Alloy D-Ring for leads and I.D tags. As with all of our products, they include box stitching and durable high quality fabric and hardware, making them suitable for any size breed. Check out our latest unique, funky and hand-drawn designs. 
If you decide to try out a martingale collar with your dog, it’s really important that you know how to properly fit and adjust the collar, so that when it tightens it will only ever tighten to the size of your dogs neck and no further. We’d only recommend using a martingale collar with a lead attached and with all our attire, we’d recommend removing it when your dog is not under supervision.
We’ve created a helpful video on how best to fit our Martingale Collars here: 

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