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It’s important to regularly check that your pup’s Collars, Martingales, Harnesses & Leads are in good condition. Just like our Hooman Clothes, they are subject to wear and tear and require proper maintenance and washing. Even more so, if your dog is like most pups out there and just loves to roll around in the mud and splash in water! 
Unless stated otherwise you should always hand-wash your dog’s collars and harnesses, using some soft soap or dog shampoo and some warm water. Let it soak in the water for 15 minutes before using your hands or a light brush to wipe away any mud or dirt. Whilst doing so, it’s also a great opportunity to visually inspect your pup’s attire for any signs of wear and tear.
Thankfully all of our Big Pawfection Collars, Martingales, Harnesses, Leads, 2in1 Walkie Bags, Bow Ties and Bandanas are not only durable but also machine washable. Making it easy to keep them looking as good as new, for as long as possible! 
First you’ll need to remove any I.D tags or attachments. We recommend a light spin wash at 30 degrees, using a pillowcase or washing bag to help protect the metal hardware and your washing machine. This also helps to avoid any loud banging sounds whilst it spins around in the machine. If you have any stubborn stains such as fox’s poo, you can use a fabric friendly stain remover. You should then let our products naturally dry near a radiator or hanging them outside to drip dry. Although it is possible, we do not recommend that you tumble dry our products as this can damage their longevity.
You should regularly wash your dog’s collar/harness once or twice a week, depending on how muddy they get (or what they roll in!) and ensure that you remove them at night to avoid any irritation. The same care instructions apply to all of our leads and fabric accessories. This will keep your pup standing out from the crowd, smelling great and always looking their best!
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