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Walking your pup is something every owner does, every day. Often you bump into friends or people you know in your local neighbourhood, perhaps you may even stop for a quick chat with a fellow dog owner. Especially if your dog loves to play, some walkers form natural groups and chat whilst their pups run around after each other. Whatever the case, we all know walking your dog is great for both your physical and mental well-being - and your pups! So we think that both you and your pup should look their best while doing it!

Adding a bit of fun to your dog’s normal outfit is easy. Whether it’s a coat in the colder winter months or a cooling bandana in the summer, these can be great accessories. At Big Pawfection we sell stylish all-year round bow ties and bandanas in our matching designs, allowing your dog to dress up when they meet their friends, or to make that all important first impression! It’s also a great conversation starter with fellow dog owners.

Bow ties are also a great way for your dog to blend into any special occasion such as Weddings, Birthday Parties or Gotcha Days - or to simply stand out on their next walk! Dogs are an important part of our lives and they are often the centre of any family unit. That’s why we believe that they should be able to look their best in family photos and be able to dress up for special occasions. Bow Ties make your dog look smart and fashionable whilst not restricting them in any way. All of our Bow Ties slip on to most standard collars (up to 2.5cm width) and most are reversible, meaning that you get two looks in one!

Bandanas create a cool look for your dog and are also a great way of keeping them cool in the summer. They are practical as they provide some shade on your dog’s neck, whilst also giving them a fashionable look. Be careful not to restrict your dog’s neck when fitting a bandana - you may need to loosen their collar slightly to avoid any irritation. All of our Big Pawfection Bandanas slip on to a standard size collar (up to 2.5cm width) making them secure and easy to adjust on the go. Be sure that you don’t cover up or remove your dog’s I.D tag as this is a legal requirement in the U.K.

So there you have it - the complete guide to making your pup stand out from the crowd and turn heads on your next walk or special occasion! Shop our funky, machine washable accessories today and give your pup that extra fashion statement 

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