Product Advice | How to measure your Dog & get the pawfect fit for your pup!

There can be many risks associated with your dog wearing the wrong size Collar, Martingale or Harness. For example:
If a Collar, Martingale or Harness is too tight it can cause skin conditions and irritation. However too loose can also cause a potential trap / strangulation hazards, as a dogs mouth, teeth or limbs can get caught whilst they are grooming themselves.
To help prevent this you should always allow for a two finger gap in-between your dog's Collar, Martingale or Harness and their neck.
We’d also recommend having multiple Collars, Martingales and Harnesses for your dog and regular washing (all our products are easy to clean & washing machine friendly) to reduce the risk of irritation / infection and regularly checking their fit to try and avoid any damage or discomfort to your dog. 
You should also let your dog sleep at night without a Collar, Martingale or Harness on, allowing their fur to naturally reset itself, breathe and reduce any irritation.
Buying an adjustable Collar, Martingale or Harness is a great way to ensure a pawfect fit, whilst allowing room for any future growth or change in their size. 
If your dog pulls a lot or is easily excited we’d recommend attaching your lead to a good fitting Harness or Martingale, this reduces the risk of your dog injuring itself. 
We highly recommend checking our size guide and always measure your pup before buying any kind of Collar, Martingale or Harness as they may have recently changed shape or still be growing. We’ve created a helpful video on how best to measure your dog here:

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