Product Advice | Difference between a Quick-Release (standard) Collar & a Martingale Collar

It’s one of the most common questions we get and we don’t blame you - a collar is a collar right??
I’m afraid not! As the world of Doggie Fashion expands, so does the variety of Attire & Accessories on offer! Which just makes it harder to know which type of Collar is right for your Pup?! Well let us simplify it for you…

Quick-Release (standard) Collar

Quick-Release Collars are just another name for your everyday standard Collar, only reason they are called Quick-Release is they will have a buckle that makes it easy to remove from your pup - simply push the prongs on the buckle in to release.
Something to note though is these shouldn’t be mistaken for Breakaway Collars which will automatically release when pressure is applied to the collar itself.
Quick-Release Collars will vary in width depending on the adjustable size. The industry standard width is anywhere from 1CM to 2.5CM. The larger your Pup the wider the collar should be to avoid pressure on their neck muscles if they Pull. Which leads me nicely to my next point!
Dogs who Pull should NOT be walked on a Quick-Release Collar. They were not designed for this purpose and can cause damage to your Pups neck muscle and airway. They were designed to be similar to a necklace, as a place for your Pup’s ID tag to be displayed & historical declare that a Dog has an owner.
So in short Quick-Release Collars are pawfect to be walked on if your Pup isn’t a puller. If your Pup is a puller then they should still be worn with your Pups harness to display their ID tag.

Martingale Collar 

A firm favourite of ours here at BP HQ! Martingale Collars are not as widely familiar to Dog owners but 9 out of 10 of our Pupstomers who have tried one, never turned back!
Unlike your Quick-Release (standard) Collars, Martingale Collars do not have a buckle and simply slip over your Pups head.They were originally designed for Sighthound Pups to protect their weaker neck muscles and prevent them slipping out of their Collar. 
Today though Martingale Collars are used by a variety of Dog breeds - simply for the control they can give you, as an owner and comfort they can give your Pup!
Before you ask, no they are NOT choke collars - whilst they look similar, they were designed to do the exact opposite! This is why the industry standard is also a lot wider than standard Collars at 3.8CM. If your Pup pulls then the secondary loop allows the collar to gentle contract, disbursing any pressure around the whole neck and alerts your Dog to stop Pulling - without causing damage or choking.
Something to note is that you can get Martingale Collars in a thinner width but it is really not recommended! Anything thinner than the industry standard could cause the same issues as a standard Collar when your Dog pulls.
Due to the width of the Martingale Collar they aren’t suitable for Dogs who have a short neck - we would recommend a harnesses as a great alternative in this case.
So in short Martingale Collars are pawfect for Pups who pull & you want an alternative training tool to a harness that can be used long term - due to their gentle nature. Plus they’re great if youv’e got a Large / Floofy Pup, as the larger width means you can actually see the Collar!

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