Pet Law | Why You Should ALWAYS Pick Up Your Pup’s Poop!

Everyone’s had that unfortunate realisation, maybe it's when you get back inside and there's an awful smell! Or that you notice it on the side of your shoe. Whatever the case we have all unknowingly stepped in someone else’s dog’s poop whilst out on a walk, or just going about our daily lives. It’s disgusting and annoying! That's why as a dog owner it’s so important to always pick up your pup’s poop - so why is it still such a problem?
With the number of dog owners and the demand for dogs increasing in the U.K during the pandemic. It’s now more important than ever to make sure you are prepared for every single walkies!
But let’s face it - It’s a gross chore - and arguably the worst part of owning a dog. Some dog owners often make excuses not to do it,  such as they have run out of poo bags, or that they are in too much of a rush, or that they simply didn’t see their dog do it. 
Luckily Big Pawfection can help you stay prepared with our 2 in 1 Walkie Bags. Not only are they a great tool for training, but they also have a zip up pocket that can hold two poo bag rolls with a handy dispenser - making it easier to always have a poo bag to hand.   
To help educate all of the dog owners out there, here are a couple more reasons why you should always pick up after your pooch:
  • It does not easily breakdown or fertilise the ground - Dog waste takes about 12 months to fully breakdown, plus when it rains it can contaminate local water supplies and nearby wildlife. Dog poop is high in nitrogen and phosphorus and is too acidic to have any helpful effect on the soil or wildlife around it.
  • It can cause the spread of diseases - Bacteria and parasites can survive in dog waste and be harmful to other dogs and even humans, passing on diseases such as E-coli and nasty parasites like ringworm. Where possible you should try not to let your dog foul near a body of water, drainage system, or children's play area.
  • It’s the law and common courtesy - It is illegal to not pick up your pup’s poop from a public space in England and Wales and you could even face an on the spot fine of £80 with a maximum fine of up to £500. Be sure you are following your legal and moral duty to always pick up your dog’s poop and keep our communities and the environment as clean as possible.
We recommend using compostable plastic poop bags as these will eventually break down in landfill and are a better alternative to the traditional plastic poop bags. Helping to reduce the negative impact that single use plastics have on the environment. 
Still there is sometimes simply no place to dispose of your pooch’s poop safely, especially if you are in a remote area with no access to a public bin. To help our BP dog owners avoid that awkward carrying of a poop bag, we have created the PooKey. A handy little paw shaped device that easily attaches to your lead, or 2 in 1 walkie bag. It provides the ideal solution to transporting your full poo bag to the next available bin. They come in a range of colours to match our designs and are available for only £3.99! (We also plant a tree with every order helping to off-set our carbon footprint) - Follow the link below to find out more and get yours today:

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