Pet Law | Do Dogs legally have to wear a Collar ??

As a Dog owner, you’re probably aware by now that your Dog must be microchipped by law. However were you aware that they MUST also wear a collar when in public? Oh and before you ask… harnesses don’t count!!
Yes you read that right, harnesses do NOT count. Whilst we understand that an increasing number of Dog owners prefer to use a harness - Dogs wearing a harness MUST by law, also wear a collar with an ID tag.
Even if you’ve attached an ID tag to your dog’s harness, this doesn’t exempt your dog from needing to wear a collar!
There are many laws in the UK designed to protect the health and welfare of our Pups. One of these being The Control of Dogs Order 1992 which specifically relates to the fact that, when in a public space, pet dogs must wear a collar with their owner’s information (Check out our ID Tag Law Blog for more information).


Yes. If your dog isn’t wearing a collar, or their collar doesn’t include the relevant information, you can be subject to an unlimited fine, or even jail. (In reality, however, most breaches of the law are unlikely to incur such harsh penalties.)
There are some exemptions to the rule - working or sporting dogs, those carrying out rescue work, and registered Guide Dogs aren’t by law required to wear a collar with a dog tag. 
Don’t be caught out & make sure when your Pup is in a public space, they have a collar (with an ID Tag) on!! 

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