Health & Care Awareness | How to keep your Pups floof looking good, as it gets colder!

Autumn is here, which means its time to wrap up warm and that goes for our Pups too!! This time of year its all about cosy sweaters for us and a little (or a lot) of extra floof for our Furiends!
As part of our Dog Owners Guide | Health & Care Awareness Blogs, we have teamed up with The Groomers Liverpool to bring you some tips on how to keep your Dog’s Hair looking great, even as it gets colder! Plus we look at how keep your pup looking & smelling fresh between grooms/baths!
LONG HAIRED - As groomers we see a lot of our long haired clients opting for the longer fluffier look in the colder months. So here are a few hints and tips to help you achieve that teddy bear look we all love!

We all have our problem areas including our pets! Ask your groomer to take problem areas like armpits, belly and inside legs shorter. This won’t be noticeable and will help keep your dog comfortable and still stylish.

If you want the fluffy look but need a more practical version ask your groomer to do a short teddy bear style. This is a shorter body and longer leg haircut. This means you can shorten your brushing time as it’s mainly those longer legs you will need to concentrate on.

SHORT HAIRED - For our short haired clients, autumn is the time of year where you will see their hair shedding to make way for their warmer winter coat . Ask your groomer to add on a de-shed package to their baths this will help to speed up the process.

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We can’t wait to see everyone’s autumn/winter looks this year. Make sure to tag us @thegroomersliverpool
Love from the groomers Liverpool


As the weather changes the muddy walks begin and sometimes it can feel like your Pup needs a bath after every walk! It can also be pretty tough on their paws. Check out our Grooming Products to help keep your Pup looking & smelling their best…
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