Dog Walks | South East | St Ann’s Hill

Not sure where to walk your Pup or just looking for a new location ?? Over the next few months we are going to be exploring a few Dog Walking locations in the South East and giving you the low down on everything for Dog Bins to parking!

St Ann’s Hill | Chertsey, Surrey

Distance: 0.75 Miles Time: 20-30 Minutes Rating:  5/10
St Ann’s Hill is a short circular walk set within a wooded park, on top of a hill with an interesting history & some fantastic views of the surrounding areas.

Parking (4/10)

There are two small car parks located at St Ann’s Hill (Due to the size of the car parks, parking is limited). The Car Parks are located down a country lane, so keep your eyes peeled to ensure you don’t miss them like we did!
Parking at these locations is FREE. 

Dog Bins (10/10)

No use for your PooKey here, as bins are located at the Car Parks & along the walk!

Route Signage (4/10)

It may have only been a short walk but other than the map and one sign post at the start, there were none to guide you along the route.(This did mean we got a little lost & had to turn around or miss part of the walk)

Off Lead Walking (8/10)

Whilst not enclosed with a fence, most of this circular walk was located away from roads (except near the car parks) & had some open areas for your Pups to have a little run.
Note: Woodland Wildlife / Open Pond

Reactive Dog Suitability (6/10)

This Circular walk has wide paths with open areas, allowing for you to see other Dog coming. However 9/10 Dogs were off lead during our walk.

Facilities (0/10)

Other than the views this walk does not have any additional facilities such as a cafe or toilets.

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