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Big Pawfection



A brand dedicated to creating stylish products for dogs of all sizes! Say goodbye to those days of boring dull attire. Designed with big dog breeds at heart; our strong, durable and soft fabrics, incorporate classic designs with bright colours.

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Our Story

The Big Pawfection journey started back in 2016, when we welcomed Bella, our Labrador cross Golden Retriever into our family. Three years later, she became the inspiration behind the brand.

A dogs love is truly unconditional and they have a unique irreplaceable personality to match. We love all dog breeds, but we have always been drawn to the bigger breeds. Mainly because of their clumsy personalities and their complete disregard for how heavy they are!!

All dogs come with challenges, but one we are sure all big dog breed owners can relate to, is the lack of choices when it comes to attire...


Arctic Leopard
XOXO Pawfection Pup
Wondering Woodlands
Autumn Storm
Woodland Tails
Walkies in the Rain

what our customer are saying...

All of our products are individually hand wrapped & delivered straight to your door, using Royal Mail. Each product is checked by hand and given the Bella stamp of approval for that extra quality assurance. Not only is our packaging pup friendly (for those who enjoy opening their own #PupMail) Every orders is posted in our ...